Features of Gold Plated Tungsten Ring

Gold Plated Tungsten Ring Picture

In jewelry production, gold plated tungsten ring has many advantages over traditional metals. Tungsten as a raw element is comparable to titanium in terms of strength, which is to say very strong. However when combined with carbon to create tungsten carbide, the strength is only surpassed by diamonds. Gold, platinum and silver, while beautiful, just can’t withstand the day to day wear in the same way that a tungsten carbide ring will.

In terms of durability, tungsten ring is top notch. Tungsten carbide is about ten times stronger than gold and four times stronger than titanium. This brings us to the first major advantage of tungsten carbide rings, tungsten carbide will not bend out of round ever. Gold plated tungsten ring can not be bent, which can be a real finger saver if there’s a misguided swing of the hammer.

Besides, with the price of gold remaining high, beautiful gold rings are unaffordable for many people. Thus, some people may turn to gold plated rings for substitution. However, with the high density of tungsten, gold plated tungsten ring can be as heavy as the gold rings while owning high quality.

Above all, tungsten gold plated ring boasts an understated look and a low price compared with gold ring. Crafted of durable tungsten carbide with lustrous gold plated, gold plated tungsten ring is remarkable in quality and looking.

With all the advantages gold plated tungsten ring provides, it is easy to see why it is quickly becoming popular among both man and woman.